Dian Fossey Tomb

Dian Fossey Tomb

Dian Fossey was an America primatologist who took up a broad study and keen interest in studying and protecting mountain gorillas in Rwanda for a period of 18 years but was unfortunately murdered by gorilla poachers. Dian Fossey while doing her research set up a Karisoke Research camp between Mt. Visoke and Mt. Karisimbi in […]

The Congo Nile Trail

The Congo Nile Trail

The Congo Nile Trail is a trail along Lake Kivu that extends from Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts and ends at Rusizi District. 227 km (141 miles) of beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and clear water. The entire trek can be completed in a 10- day hike. However, the trip can […]

Nyungwe National Park nyungwe canopy walk Nyungwe safari Chimpanzee trekking

Nyungwe National Park

In the southwest of the country, Nyungwe National Park is a vast tract of virgin forest, one of the largest uncut natural forest reserves remaining in Africa and home to more than 300 species of birds, 27 of which are regional endemics. Much of the forest is unexplored, with access being extremely difficult, because of […]

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park Rwanda the land of a thousand hills features the world's critically endangered mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park.Rwanda the land of a thousand hills features the world's critically endangered mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda safari

Volcanoes National Park

The “Parc National de Volcans” (or PNV as it’s known by locals) lies along the Virunga Mountains, with 8 ancient volcanoes, which are shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Just a short two hour drive from Rwanda’s capital of Kigali, the park is a central location for exploring some distinctly Rwandan […]

Kigali City - Rwanda

Kigali City Tour

Kigali City is known all over the World for its cleanliness, systematic life of its people, the City which is swiftly growing and many other typical excursions. The hills that surrounds Kigali with beautiful paved roads with flowers, new skyscraper buildings, its friendly people, etc make outstanding Kigali City. It is a harbor to various […]

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center is one of the biggest memorial centers. It is sacred ground for both locals and foreigners alike. A visit to this genocide memorial is one that gives you a new perspective on life and the things that happen. It’s a reminder that good will always overcome evil. And it is […]

mount karisimbi hike

Karisimbi Mountain Hiking

The Karisimbi Mountain Hiking in Rwanda offers travelers a 2 day trek with overnight camping at an altitude of 3,800 m. The Bisoke Mountain Hiking is one of the most memorable activities in Rwanda. The top of this Volcano has a spectacular crater lake. It is simply a 6 – hours hike including the 2 […]

Museum of the Environment

Museum of the Environment (Karongi)

Scheduled to open any day now, Karongi’s eagerly anticipated Museum of the Environment is set to be the only museum of its kind anywhere on the African continent. Focusing on the Rwandan climate and environment, the museum will feature a rooftop garden of medicinal plants, and a number of exhibits on Rwandan resources, including energy […]

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum (Kigali)

In a 1900’s building named for Richard Kandt, the German naturalist and once-governor of Rwanda, this new museum sits in a leafy garden with impressive views over Kigali. Inside the Natural History Museum, you’ll find a number of historical exhibits and photographs of the early settlement of Kigali, along with numerous displays on Rwanda’s endemic […]

Presidential Palace Museum

Presidential Palace Museum (Kigali)

While today it’s no longer home to any presidents, the Presidential Palace Museum used to be the residence of both Juvenal Habyarimana and Gregoire Kayibanda. Today, it’s a fascinating window into Rwanda’s modern history, and the remains of President Habyarimana’s plane, shot down in 1994 just before the genocide, can be seen in chunks on […]

King's Palace Museum

King’s Palace Museum (Nyanza)

On another fantastic hilltop just opposite the National Art Gallery (King’s Palace Museum ), this is the former palace of King Mutara III (also known as Rudahigwa), who built his palace here in the 1930’s. Today, visitors can tour an impressive and historically accurate reconstruction of the royal compound and marvel at the intricacies of […]

Rwanda Cultural Safari

Visit Cultural Atractions

The finest displays of Rwanda’s dynamic traditional musical and dance styles are performed by the Intore Dance Troupes. Founded several centuries ago, the Intore, (The Chosen Ones) who performed exclusively for the Royal Court, were given military training and taught the technique of jumping which forms a significant part of the dance. Performed wearing grass […]

Ethnographic Museum (Huye)

Rwanda’s first museum, this beautiful space sits in wide, tranquil gardens at the edge of Huye city and was built here in 1989. It covers an impressive array of topics on almost anything about Rwanda you can imagine: banana beer, basketry, geology, cosmology, farming, cattle, music, dance, poetry, history, tools, and transport are all profiled […]

National Art Gallery (Nyanza)

Set in a wide colonial building atop the gorgeous Rwesero Hill and just outside the small agricultural town of Nyanza, the National Art Gallery is a fantastic surprise—it’s not very often you find such a cultivated selection of artwork on a lovely green hilltop out in the countryside! Still, here it is, and it has […]